Old Coach Road


WALKING TIME: 30 minutes return

FEATURES: Wheelchair access, blind trail, historical route of Cobb and Co Coach.

AREA BROCHURE: Discover Arthur's Pass Booklet (19MB)

LOCATION: Starts at Greyneys shelter, 6km South of Arthur's Pass Village.

MAP: Click Here to open PDF File (660Kb).

DESCRIPTION: This pleasant forest walk is suitable but challanging for young children and people using wheelchairs. It follows a gently graded section of the century-old coach road and leads back to the shelter on a more recent track. You can still see sections of old rockwalling along one part of the track.

At the Northern end of the track is a rope handrail. You can use if for guidance, so shut your eyes, and use your other senses as you move through the forest.

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