Arthur's Pass Region Ascents Logbook

Ascents in Arthur's Pass National Park have not been well documented over the years, and the Park Headquarters has never maintained an ascents log. So there is at least some form of ascents record kept for the park I provide this electronic log here. You are quite welcome to enter any historical ascents you have made in the park as well as recent ascents.

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If you think you have established a new route please email me at with the details, please include as much route detail as possible (including estimated alpine and/or rock grades), include a marked up photograph if possible.

If you have route corrections from that in the current Guide Book visit the Mountain WIKI page and make your updates there.

PLEASE NOTE: This database is now a "live" fully online version, updates will now show immediately. If you make an error please email me at with the corrections.

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Date Mountain Route Party
30/07/2023Mt Philistine
Warnocks BluffPVTDave HeganPowdery snow on bluffs meant for caeful climbing but better conditions above. Snow quite variable though ranging from crispy windswept surfaces through to pot holing.. Planned to keep going towards Rolleston but snow became very powdery again so bailed
15/04/2023Phipps PeakSouth FacePVTEri Saito, Dave HeganPerfect conditions. After some trial and error we found a nice, steepish, couloir that led up to the scree patch below the summit on the sth face. From there we climbed straight up through good but at times loose rock, hitting the ridge just west of the summit. Descended via Mt Temple
08/04/2023Mt Rolleston
Otira Face - Central directPVTDave HeganPerfect conditions. Sunny, little to no wind. Had a bit of an explore of the face while ascending, checking out different route possibilities
08/04/2023Phipps PeakTemple - Phipps TraversePVTBen Gibbins Jasmine GibbinsPerfect day. Sunny, warm, clear skies and no wind.
28/02/2023Mt Franklin
North RidgePVTDave HeganClimbed straight up onto the north ridge using one of the rock toes below the NW face as a starting point allowing me to traverse across to hit the north ridge. Good route finding essential for this part. Followed North ridge to summit down via south ridge.
12/02/2023The Dome
North RidgePVTDave HeganWent up the Dome from Sudden Valley then doubled back and traversed the SE ridge to the summit of Wilson and then over to Scott. SE ridge was as rotten as ever
28/01/2023Mt SpeightTraverse of the North and South ridgesPVTDave HeganThick low cloud for the whole climb, ascended North Ridge and then descended via the South Ridge to the col south of Speight, Visibility was so bad at South Col I decided the best option was to retrace my steps and head back up the south ridge and down via the north then down to my camp in Harper creek.
12/01/2023Mt Campbell
From Harman PassPVTTom Hawkins Sam LearyEasy climb from Harman Pass following the west ridge all the way to the summit. Traversed south towards Pt. 1809 then descended to eastern basins before sidling north, above and eventually down to Campbell Creek.
08/01/2023Avalanche Peak-Mt Guinevere-Mt Lancelot- Avalanche Peak TraverseSet off from AP village up Avalanche Peak TrackPVTDave HeganPerfect conditions for a doing a big loop trip. Went up Guinevere via an unorthodox route due to poor visibility but clouds cleared mid morning
30/12/2022Mt Guinevere
From the Crow HutPVTJoe NawalaniecVia E spur, return
Got caught by southerly rain on descent
28/12/2022Mt IsobelSouthwest SpurPVTDave HeganAscended from the Taipoiti River. Sidled around the snow basin below low peak to gain the SW Spur which I climbed to reach the south face of Low Peak. Summit of low peak was gained using a series of gullies and ledges.Traversed the short but exposed narrow ridge from Low Peak to gain summit High Peak of Isobel.
07/12/2022Mt ArmstrongEast FacePVTDave HeganDropped down in the head of the Rolleston River via Mt Philistine and then sidled around the scree to get to the foot of the east face of Armstrong. Climbed straight up to point 2010 and then followed the east ridge to summit.
06/11/2022Mt Aicken-Blimit-Mt Temple traverseas abovePVTDave HeganMainly sunny, no wind so perfect conditions, All snow I encountered was total mush. Felt like a mid summer trip in a lot of ways
22/10/2022Mt Rolleston
Rome RidgePVTDave HeganPerfect early morning climb up RR. Nice crispy snow. Bit of mixed climbing required to exit the gap. Carried on up to summit of High Peak via Left Gully which was in good condition. Once day warmed up snow conditions went down hill fast: wet loose avalanches were seen
15/10/2022Mt Williams
Gunbarrel ScreePVTDave HeganGunbarrel still loaded with snow for the last section. SW ridge still carrying some snow as well but most could be avoided. Descended back down the SW ridge, over the Spike then down through the bush

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