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Mountain Conditions
General Conditions:
Saturday 1st August 2020, 07:28hrs: Warm conditions continue; rainfall, so far, has been a non-event, with only light drizzle, cloudiness, and galeforce NW winds for past few days. It would appear a similar weather pattern is likely for the next 5 days - lowest forecast snow is 1600m on Monday. Snowpack is softening in the unseasonally warm temperatures, though surface ice has been reported on northern aspects.

28/07/2020 17:34hrs: Incoming drizzle/rain for several days (variable intensities; greater quantity on Sunday/Monday ), with exceptionally high freezing levels; expect snowpack to slowly load up with moisture, high level snow (1700m+) may find its way downhill in wet sluffs by Monday. There is a impenetrable buried crust in the pack on many aspects reported by several climbers, so slope failures are conceivable later in this storm-cycle.

24/07/2020 07:13hrs: The storm-cycle has past; about 30 - 50cm of fresh snow has fallen at 1800m (10 - 20cm @ 1500m), with wind deposits being much deeper. This fresh, unconsolidated snow is sitting upon icy melt-freeze crusts and could be poorly bonded. Preexisting snowpack was quite variable but hovered around 50 - 100cm at 1800m on the Main Range. Windslab has also formed on lee to northern half aspects. Weather is fine today, however cloud is forecast to thicken from tomorrow (Saturday) about the Alps, fine on Monday, and rain/snow return on Tuesday.

21/07/2020 17:27hrs: After about 40-50mm of rainfall, snowfall levels are now dropping below tree-line (1400m); it has been snowing fairly heavily above 1900m from the beginning of this storm-cycle. Over next two days snow is expected to lower to 400m or less.

19/07/2020 07:25hrs: Warming temperatures today after a week of sub-zeros; cloud, wind, rain (heavy Monday night/Tuesday) and lowering snowfall levels (100m eventually) takes us out to Thursday this week. The snow-pack has been consolidating over the past week with the freeze/thaw cycles; most snow-pack is 1500m+, though shadowed alpine valleys are holding snow at 1100m+.

  • Hamilton Peak (1922m) - East aspect(New) 31/07/2020
    Hamilton Peak (1922m) - East aspect
  • Mt Enys (2194m)(New) 28/07/2020
    Mt Enys (2194m)
  • Mt Manson (1859m)(New) 28/07/2020
    Mt Manson (1859m)
  • Mt Wall (1874m)(New) 28/07/2020
    Mt Wall (1874m)
  • Avalanche Peak (1833m)27/07/2020
    Avalanche Peak (1833m)
  • Blimit (1921m)27/07/2020
    Blimit (1921m)
  • Mt Philistine - Philistine Bluffs (1967m)27/07/2020
    Mt Philistine - Philistine Bluffs (1967m)
  • Mt Stuart (1906m)27/07/2020
    Mt Stuart (1906m)
  • Phipps Peak (1965m) - South Face27/07/2020
    Phipps Peak (1965m) - South Face
  • Phipps Peak (1965m) - West Ridge27/07/2020
    Phipps Peak (1965m) - West Ridge
  • Mt Cloudsley (2107m) - Summit25/07/2020
    Mt Cloudsley (2107m) - Summit
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Bealey Face24/07/2020
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Bealey Face
  • Mt Temple (1913m) - West Face24/07/2020
    Mt Temple (1913m) - West Face
  • Mt Bealey (1836m) - North aspect13/07/2020
    Mt Bealey (1836m) - North aspect
  • Mt Philistine - Warnocks Bluff (1967m)13/07/2020
    Mt Philistine - Warnocks Bluff (1967m)
  • Mt Philistine - Philistine Ramp (1967m)11/07/2020
    Mt Philistine - Philistine Ramp (1967m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face11/07/2020
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face (Middle)11/07/2020
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face (Middle)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Slide11/07/2020
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Slide
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Philistine Traverse11/07/2020
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Philistine Traverse
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge10/07/2020
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge
  • Goat Hill (1656m)09/07/2020
    Goat Hill (1656m)
  • Mt Alexander (1958m) - West Face09/07/2020
    Mt Alexander (1958m) - West Face
  • Mt Armstrong (2110m)09/07/2020
    Mt Armstrong (2110m)
  • Mt Barron (1730m) - North aspects09/07/2020
    Mt Barron (1730m) - North aspects
  • Mt Howe (1660m)09/07/2020
    Mt Howe (1660m)
  • Mt Philistine (1967m) - North aspect09/07/2020
    Mt Philistine (1967m) - North aspect
  • Mt Tarapuhi (1605m)09/07/2020
    Mt Tarapuhi (1605m)
  • Mt Aicken (1858m) - 1863m Point01/07/2020
    Mt Aicken (1858m) - 1863m Point
  • Mt Cassidy (1850m)01/07/2020
    Mt Cassidy (1850m)
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Weather Information
4 Aug

3 / 7ºC
5 Aug

5 / 9ºC
6 Aug

3 / 7ºC
7 Aug

0 / 6ºC
8 Aug

-4 / 3ºC
9 Aug

-1 / 5ºC
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Update:04/08/20 11:30hrs
Update: 4/8/20 11:27hrs NZST
Sunrise: 7:42hrs
Sunset: 17:41hrs
Temperature: 6.8ºC  (Rising)
Temperature (Low): 5.5ºC
Temperature (High): 7.2ºC
Wind Chill: 6.8ºC
Humidity: 100%  (Rising)
Barometer: 1012.30mb (Rising)
Wind Speed: 9km/h
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust: 51km/h (10:48hrs)
Cloud Base: 730m ASL
Freezing Level: 2076m
Daily Rainfall: 4.06mm
Hourly Rain: 0mm/hr
24 Hour Rain: 4.06mm

Storm is currently in a lull period of 1hr.
Rainfall: 3.6mm
High Rain Rate: 1.1mm/hr @ 7:45hrs 4/8/20
Temp Low: 5.6ºC @ 7:00hrs 4/8/20
Temp High: 6.9ºC @ 11:00hrs 4/8/20
Wind Gust: 51kmph @ 10:48hrs 4/8/20
Dom.Wind Dir: West
Barometer Low: 1012mb @ 6:00hrs 4/8/20
Last Update: 4/08/2020 11:04
Location: Mt Rolleston (Goldney Ridge) 1800m
Alt. Temp: 1.4ºC
Alt. Windspeed: 24.2kmph
Alt. Av. Windspeed: 12.6kmph
Alt. Max. Windspeed: 24.2kmph
Alt. Wind Chill: -4.0ºC
Alt. Air Pressure: 809hPa
Alt. 3 Day Rainfall: 3.6mm (Today: 2.2mm)
Daily Snowfall: 0.7cm
Snowfall Max. Intensity: 0.3cm/hr (06:04hrs)
Storm Snowfall (6hrs): 0.7cm
7 Day Snowfall: 1.9cm
Snowpack Depth: 78.1cm
Windslab E: 14.3cm
Surface Stability (@ 35º): Good (Warning: Slab present!)
Avalanche Chance: 7%
2 Day
3 Day
Carrington Hut04/08/2020 - 09:00hrs5.0mm5mm7.5mm
Mid Poulter River04/08/2020 - 09:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Grasmere Stn04/08/2020 - 09:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Mt Cheeseman04/08/2020 - 09:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Upper Styx River04/08/2020 - 10:00hrs10.0mm34mm54.5mm

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