Con's Track - Mt Cassidy

TRACK GRADE: Tramping Track & Unmarked Route

WALKING TIME: 6 to 8 hours return

FEATURES: Very Steep! Rocky ridge walking, views of the village.

AREA BROCHURE: Discover Arthur's Pass Booklet (19MB)

WARNING: Because of continuing problems (including fatalities) encountered on this route by walkers please take note of the following advise...
  • This is a long "day walk", leave early to allow for sufficient daylight hours.
  • If there is a poor weather forecast do not attempt this route. If there is fog/cloud cover on the mountain turn around.
  • TELL SOMEONE YOUR PLANS, and remember to let them know when you return safely.
  • Do not walk alone on this route, find an appropriate partner.
  • Take sufficient clothing, food, water & medical needs to be able to survive a night out in cold wet conditions. Search & Rescue activity should commence the day following your intended "out date".
  • Test your cellphone in Arthur's Pass Village, if it works there, take it with you, it should work on all Village side aspects of this mountain, if you get lost or in trouble call 111. Don't waste your phone battery! Phones can be an unreliable way of getting help. Better still take a PLB with you as well (Arthur's Pass Visitor Centre hires them).
  • If you become lost, retrace your steps if possible to refind the correct route. If you cannot, find shelter (rocks, trees, tussocks), stay where you are.
  • DO NOT push into the treeline too far except to seek shelter, there are large hidden cliffs, canyons and alternate ways down DO NOT exist. If you are not on the marked track (orange triangles) STOP!
  • DO NOT follow streams/creeks off the mountain, many of these go over very large waterfalls or contain extensive loose rock.
  • If you see searchers (helicopter, ground crews) attract attention by moving to open ground, yelling, waving bright clothing. If you are injured leave something bright in clear view near you in case you lose consciousness.
  • At night you can signal towards the Village (street lights are visible) by triggering your camera flash on every hour.

LOCATION:Starts at the Punchbowl Road carpark.

DESCRIPTION:Mt Cassidy This track follows a steep crested ridge from the North side of Punchbowl creek. There are good views of Arthur's Pass Village from the bushline.

From the forest edge an unmarked route travels to the left of the rocky gullies and onto a narrow rocky ridge that climbs steeply to Mt Cassidy.

Mt Cassidy RouteRock fall is a constant danger. This ridge as well as being steep, has precipitous drops. This walk is not recommended as your first walk in the mountains.

PLEASE TALK TO D.O.C. Staff before you head up this way, and DO TELL SOMEONE YOUR PLAN!

AdventureSmart - Tell someone where you are going!So you have an enjoyable and safe time for your visit to Arthur's Pass National Park, follow the Land Safety Code:

  • Choose the right trip
    • Learn about the route and make sure you have the skills for it.
  • Understand the weather
    • It can change fast. Check the forecast and change your plans if needed.
  • Pack warm clothes and extra food
    • Prepare for bad weather and an unexpected night out.
  • Share your plans and take ways to get help
    • Telling a trusted person your trip details and taking a distress beacon can save your life.
  • Take care of yourself and each other
    • Eat, drink and rest, stick with your group and make decisions together.

For more information, visit or use the Plan My Walk system

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