Arthur's Pass Alpine Garden

TRACK GRADE: Walking Track

WALKING TIME: 30 Minutes Return

FEATURES: Alpine garden with named plant species

ROUTE GUIDE: Arthur's Pass Alpine Garden (PDF 124KB)

LOCATION: Highway 73, between Rough Creek Rd & School Terrace. 300m towards Christchurch from Visitor Centre.

MAP: Click Here to open map image.

This alpine garden was established in the 1980's and has since seen further plantings of alpine plant species endemic to Arthur's Pass National Park and the Castle Hill Basin. Approximately 54 species have been identified, many have name plaques associated with them. The Alpine Garden is maintained by the Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust (

Alpine Garden Alpine Garden

Please help us keep the garden weed free!

In recent times Russell Lupin (Lupinus polyphyllus) and Birdsfoot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) have started to invade our Alpine Garden. Please feel free to give these invasive weeds a hard time but pulling them out by the roots, or stripping their flower-heads.
Russell Lupin
Russell Lupin
Birdsfoot trefoil
Birdsfoot Trefoil

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