Craigieburn Forest Park

Lyndon Saddle to Craigieburn Valley road

TRACK GRADE: Walking / Mountain Biking Track

WALKING TIME: 30 minutes (one way)

FEATURES: Beech Forest

RESTRICTIONS : No Mountain Biking on Helicopter Hill Track or Track from the Mistletoe campground to Lyndon Saddle.

MAPS / INFO : Craigieburn Brochure (PDF 557KB) / Craigieburn Partial Map (PDF 417Kb) / Craigieburn Full Map (PDF 2.59MB)

LOCATION: From Arthur's Pass travel on Highway 73 for 40km (40 minutes) towards Christchurch.

Turn right onto the Broken River Skifield road (gravel). See the Lyndon Saddle / Helicopter Hill guide for a description of getting to Lyndon Saddle.

From Lyndon Saddle the track sidles across an open Dracophyllum and tussock covered face and drops through beech forest to the Craigieburn Valley Track, then down to the road.

If you can arrange transport to pick you up on the Craigieburn Skifield Road this is an easy crossing walk, about 2 hours one way.

Otherwise you can walk down the Craigieburn Skifield Road to the main highway and back along to the Craigieburn picnic area (about 3-4 hours circuit).

Lyndon Saddle Track

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