Craigieburn Forest Park

Camp Saddle Walk

TRACK GRADE: Marked Tracks & Route Only

WALKING TIME: Full Day Walks

FEATURES: Mountain Tramp, Views, Beech Forest, Rare Plants

RESTRICTIONS : No Mountain Biking

MAPS / INFO : Craigieburn Brochure (PDF 557KB) / Craigieburn Partial Map (PDF 417Kb) / Craigieburn Full Map (PDF 2.59MB)

Apart from the magnificent views this tussock and scree saddle offers many interesting botanical specimens. Growing amongst the rocks are tiny plants that have adapted to the harsh environment - including celmisia, gentians and edelweiss.

This is a mountain tramp and people should be prepared for extremes of weather. take a topographical map and compass. Access to Camp Saddle can be from various directions, but crossing from Broken River to Craigieburn Valley skifield road is the easiest route.

Click Here to see the following route information...

  • Broken River Skifield Road to Camp Saddle
  • Camp Saddle to Lyndon Saddle
  • Craigieburn Valley Track to Camp Saddle

Camp Saddle

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