Welcome to Arthur's Pass, New Zealand
Our small alpine village is nestled amongst the Southern Alps in New Zealand's South Island (Maps). You will find a wealth of information about this region on this site. For pre-arrival advice Click Here.
North Webcam - HD
North Webcam (HD)
(AP Village)
West Webcam - HD
West Webcam (HD)
(AP Village)
Repeater Webcam - HD (Temple Basin)
Repeater Webcam (HD)
(Temple Basin)
Repeater Webcam - HD (South)
Repeater Webcam (HD)
(South View)

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Park Shots

Tarn Col
Katherine Tozer - 31/03/2024

Mt Rolleston (2275m)
Tom Lancaster - 28/05/2008

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Satellite Image
Satellite Image
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Avalanche Risk (Local)
01/05/2024 08:51hrs
(Above 1800m)
Generally safe, watch for unstable snow on isolated terrain features.
(1200m - 1800m)
Generally safe, watch for unstable snow on isolated terrain features.
(Below 1200m)
No Rating
Not enough snow on ground to create avalanche conditions
Arthur's Pass Earthquake Monitor
Advice in an earthquake

Today's Weather Forecast
Sunday 26th May 2024
Day: Morning clouds followed by afternoon sun. High 6°C. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 kmph.
Night: Mostly cloudy. Low -2°C. Winds NNW and variable.
Extended Weather Forecast
26 May

-2 / 6ºC
27 May

-1 / 5ºC
28 May

-1 / 6ºC
29 May

-1 / 6ºC
30 May

4 / 8ºC
31 May

5 / 9ºC
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Update:26/05/24 08:00hrs

Highway 73 Conditions
Updated: 08:00 26/5/24
SH 73 Arthur's Pass Village to Otira
Impact: Caution
Reason: Bridge Repairs
Comment: Due to bridge repair works, this section of road will be closed in both directions on Sunday to Thursday nights between 10pm and 6am from Sunday 26th May to Friday 31st May. During these closures, the road will reopen on the hour every hour to allow queued traffic through the site. Plan your journey accordingly allowing extra time for your travel. Please note these works are weather-dependent and may be postponed at short notice.
Start Time: 26/05/2024 22:00hrs
Expected Resolution: 31/05/2024 06:00
More Information: Click Here

SH 73 West Melton
Impact: Caution
Reason: Pavement Repairs
Comment: Due to pavement repairs, there will be a Stop/Go with a 30km/h temporary speed restriction in place on weekdays between 9am and 3pm from Tuesday 15th May to Friday 31st May. Plan your journey accordingly allowing extra time for travel.
Start Time: 15/05/2024 09:00hrs
Expected Resolution: Until further notice
More Information: Click Here

Click Here for more highway detail.

Weather Stations
Update: 26/5/24 7:59hrs NZST
Sunrise: 7:50hrs
Sunset: 17:10hrs
Temperature: 4.1ºC  (Rising)
Temperature (Low): 3.8ºC
Temperature (High): 6.9ºC
Wind Chill: -1.1ºC
Humidity: 79%  (Falling)
Barometer: 999.91mb (Rising)
Wind Speed: 21km/h
Wind Direction: NW
Wind Gust: 68km/h (6:53hrs)
Cloud Base: 1176m ASL
Freezing Level: 1276m
Lapse Rate: -0.486ºC/+100m
Daily Rainfall: 0mm
24 Hour Rain: 0mm
2024 STATISTICS (View Database)
High Temp: 29.8ºC (30/1/24)
Low Temp: -4.5ºC (10/5/24)
High Wind Gust: 142kmph WNW (25/4/24)
High Rain: 95.8mm (11/4/24)
Last Rain (>5mm): 19/5/24 (7 days, 21.8mm)
Rain Days: 48 / 147 (33%)

(Data provided by ECAN & WCRC)
Carrington Hut (26/05/2024 - 07:00hrs)
Daily Rainfall: 1.0mm
2 Day Rainfall: 1.5mm
3 Day Rainfall: 1.5mm
7 Day Rainfall: 2mm
River Flow: 0.21m (low)
Mid Poulter River (26/05/2024 - 07:00hrs)
Daily Rainfall: 0.0mm
2 Day Rainfall: 0mm
3 Day Rainfall: 0mm
7 Day Rainfall: 0mm
Grasmere Stn (26/05/2024 - 07:00hrs)
Daily Rainfall: 0.0mm
2 Day Rainfall: 0mm
3 Day Rainfall: 0mm
7 Day Rainfall: 0.5mm
Mt Cheeseman (26/05/2024 - 07:00hrs)
Daily Rainfall: 0.0mm
2 Day Rainfall: 0mm
3 Day Rainfall: 0mm
7 Day Rainfall: 1mm
Upper Styx River (26/05/2024 - 06:00hrs)
6hr Rainfall: 8.8mm
24hr Rainfall: 40.8mm
7 Day Rainfall: 74.6mm
River Flow: 0.77m (rising fast - uncrossable)
Styx River in flood!
Lower Taipo River (26/05/2024 - 07:20hrs)
6hr Rainfall: 1.0mm
24hr Rainfall: 3.0mm
7 Day Rainfall: 16.0mm
Goldney Ridge (26/05/2024 - 08:07hrs)
Daily Rainfall: 1mm
2 Day Rainfall: 3mm
3 Day Rainfall: 3mm
7 Day Rainfall: 3mm
West flow rivers in flood!
Click Here to view full weather station details.
  • Thieves targeting highway car-parks (Always current): "Low lifes" have been breaking into cars and motor-homes at various car-parks along highway 73 on a regular basis including Kura Tawhiti, Bealey Spur, O'Malley Track, Greyney's Shelter, Arthur's Pass, Deception, Kellys Creek, and some camp-sites. They have been stealing cars, passports, credit cards, money, electronic devices, and recreation equipment. Take your absolute valuables with you on the walks, and don't leave other valuable items in plain sight in your vehicle. Report any suspicious activity to Police '111', and note down registration plates of vehicles!
  • 3 Pass Tramp (Long term alert): The route down the Styx River has large landslides in the mid Styx area. Moderately experienced trampers should use the Arahura River route instead to the Milltown Rd (hitchhiking near impossible). Very experienced trampers could travel via Mid Styx Hut, and a poorly marked and rough route in Tyndall Creek; this requires choosing safe river crossings in the Styx, and water must be low! The landslide area in the mid-Styx is only negotiable at very low river levels.
  • Taipo River (Long term alert): The original cableway (Scotty's) in the lower Taipo River has been replaced with a 3-wire bridge. This bridge is quite high above the river and trampers using this part of the route should be quite confident at using this type of structure.
  • New Casey Hut open (Long term alert) - The new 12 bunk Casey Hut is now open. It is located about 600m east of the original position on a terrace overlooking the Poulter River.
  • The following bivouacs no longer exist! (Long term alert) - Hallelujah Bivouac (Andrews Stream), Thompson Bivouac (Thompson Stream), Top Cox Bivouac (Cox River), Waterfall Bivouac (Row Stream)

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