Avalanche Peak Current Conditions

Last Update: 14/4/24 19:29hrs NZST

General (Valley Floor)
Temp Now: 10.3ºC (Falling)
Windspeed: 1kmph
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust (last hour): 1kmph
Wind Gust Max: 37kmph (15:04hrs NZST)
Wind Chill: 10.3ºC
Cloud Base: 868m ASL

Tree-line (1400m)
Temp Now: 5.9ºC (Falling)
Windspeed: 1kmph
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust (last hour): 1kmph
Wind Gust Max: 48kmph (13:37hrs NZST)
Wind Chill: 0ºC to 7.8ºC
Current Weather:  Fog/mist.
Assessment: MARGINAL. Variable visibility.

Summit (1833m)
Temp Now: 3.4ºC (Falling)
Windspeed: 2kmph
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust (last hour): 2kmph
Wind Gust Max: 56kmph (14:45hrs NZST)
Wind Chill: -3.9ºC to 4ºC
Current Weather:  Fog/mist.
Assessment: MARGINAL. Variable visibility.

Today's Weather Forecast (Valley Floor)
Sunday 14th April 2024
Night: Showers late at night. Low 6°C. Winds NNW and variable. Chance of rain 40%.

Weather Forecast Links

North Webcam (above)

West Webcam (above)

Condition Images

Avalanche Peak (1833m) - Upper Avalanche Peak track11/11/2023
Avalanche Peak (1833m) - Upper Avalanche Peak track

Avalanche Peak (1833m) - Scott's track21/10/2023
Avalanche Peak (1833m) - Scott's track

Avalanche Peak (1833m) - East aspect11/08/2023
Avalanche Peak (1833m) - East aspect

Avalanche Peak (1833m) - North Aspect04/08/2023
Avalanche Peak (1833m) - North Aspect

Avalanche Peak - Rome Ridge traverse22/07/2023
Avalanche Peak - Rome Ridge traverse

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