Arthur's Pass Visitor Centre Closed
The Visitor Centre in Arthur's Pass Village is closed until further notice, due to building defects found that may affect the integrity of the building in an earthquake. A temporary visitor facility has been set up 200 metres away in the main part of the Village near the Alpine Lodge & Motel (limited parking available). It is open 8.30am to 4.30pm daily. All information resources for the Park are available, however purchases of maps, brochures, hut passes etc require a cash only transaction at this stage.

Thieves breaking into vehicles
Thieves have been breaking into cars and motor-homes at various car-parks and some camp-sites along highway 73 on a regular basis (day & night). They have been stealing passports, credit cards, money, electronic devices and recreation equipment. Take your absolute valuables with you on the walks, and don't leave other valuable items in plain sight in your vehicle. Report any suspicious activity to Police '111', and note down registration plates of vehicles!

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West Webcam (HD)
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Repeater Webcam (HD)
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Avalanche Risk (Local)
17/02/2019 07:22hrs
(Above 1800m)
No Rating
Insufficient information or snow to establish avalanche danger rating
(1200m - 1800m)
No Rating
Insufficient information or snow to establish avalanche danger rating
(Below 1200m)
No Rating
Insufficient information or snow to establish avalanche danger rating
Mountain Conditions
General Conditions (Updated 1832hrs Thu 25th April, 2019):

Still a good dusting of snow about the Main Range summits (1900m+), northern aspects have cleared, but shadier southern aspects are holding loose snow.

Glaciers have shrank dramatically this summer season, with some "permanent" ice-fields all but disappearing completely (Whitehorn for example) and exposing considerable loose rock.

The new 2019 (8th Edition) of the Arthur's Pass area climbing guide is well underway. You can view & comment on routes HERE, or view the entire draft HERE (0.5MB).

I am currently after good high resolution images of mountains & routes in the Parks (Arthur's Pass, Craigieburn, Korowai/Torlesse, Otira-Kopara Forest, Wanganui/Otira, Central Southern Alps Wilberforce, and Lochinvar Forest) that generally show from valley floor to summit, as the approaches can be just as challenging as the final summit rocks in many instances. You can email these to, your images will be duly credited.

Cheers - Graeme -
  • Blimit (1921m)(New) 23/04/2019
    Blimit (1921m)
  • Mt Philistine (1967m) - Eastern aspects(New) 23/04/2019
    Mt Philistine (1967m) - Eastern aspects
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Goldney Ridge(New) 23/04/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Goldney Ridge
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge(New) 23/04/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge
  • Mt Aicken (1858m)19/04/2019
    Mt Aicken (1858m)
  • Mt Cassidy (1850m)19/04/2019
    Mt Cassidy (1850m)
  • Mt Philistine - Philistine Ramp (1967m)19/04/2019
    Mt Philistine - Philistine Ramp (1967m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Chockstone Route19/04/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Chockstone Route
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face19/04/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Slide19/04/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Slide
  • Mt Stuart (1906m)19/04/2019
    Mt Stuart (1906m)
  • Mt Temple (1913m) - West Face19/04/2019
    Mt Temple (1913m) - West Face
  • Phipps Peak (1965m) - West Ridge19/04/2019
    Phipps Peak (1965m) - West Ridge
  • Carrington Peak (2010m)18/04/2019
    Carrington Peak (2010m)
  • Mt Harper (2222m) - Camp Spur route18/04/2019
    Mt Harper (2222m) - Camp Spur route
  • Mt Murchison (2408m)18/04/2019
    Mt Murchison (2408m)
  • Mt Oates (2041m) - 2058m point18/04/2019
    Mt Oates (2041m) - 2058m point
  • Mt Armstrong (2110m)23/03/2019
    Mt Armstrong (2110m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2212m) - Low Peak23/03/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2212m) - Low Peak
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - High Peak Access23/03/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - High Peak Access
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Sampsons Couloir23/03/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Sampsons Couloir
  • Whitehorn Ice-field23/03/2019
    Whitehorn Ice-field
  • Mt Speight (2116m) - Speight Buttress06/03/2019
    Mt Speight (2116m) - Speight Buttress
  • Mt Davie (2280m)03/03/2019
    Mt Davie (2280m)
  • Mt Wakeman (2227m)03/03/2019
    Mt Wakeman (2227m)
  • Mt Stewart (1934m)02/03/2019
    Mt Stewart (1934m)
  • Bealey / Hut Spur (1545m)14/02/2019
    Bealey / Hut Spur (1545m)
  • Mid Hill (1831m) - East aspect14/02/2019
    Mid Hill (1831m) - East aspect
  • Mt Bealey (1836m) - South aspect14/02/2019
    Mt Bealey (1836m) - South aspect
  • Mt Bruce (1630m) - Northwest aspect14/02/2019
    Mt Bruce (1630m) - Northwest aspect
  • Mt Horrible (1234m)14/02/2019
    Mt Horrible (1234m)
  • Mt O'Malley (1703m) - South aspect14/02/2019
    Mt O'Malley (1703m) - South aspect
  • The Dome (1938m)14/02/2019
    The Dome (1938m)
  • Falling Mountain (1901m)08/02/2019
    Falling Mountain (1901m)
  • Mt Scott (2009m)08/02/2019
    Mt Scott (2009m)
  • Mt Temple (east approach)08/02/2019
    Mt Temple (east approach)
  • Mt Wilson (2035m)08/02/2019
    Mt Wilson (2035m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) -  Crow Face30/01/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Crow Face
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Crow icefall30/01/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Crow icefall
  • Mt Philistine (1967m) - Western aspects17/01/2019
    Mt Philistine (1967m) - Western aspects
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Weather Information
26 Apr

27 Apr

2 / 11ºC
28 Apr

3 / 6ºC
29 Apr

-3 / 6ºC
30 Apr

-2 / 7ºC
1 May

0 / 11ºC
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Update:26/04/19 22:30hrs
Update: 26/4/19 21:49hrs NZST
Sunrise: 7:17hrs
Sunset: 17:42hrs
Temperature: 11.3ºC  (Rising)
Temperature (Low): 7.9ºC
Temperature (High): 15.1ºC
Wind Chill: 9.2ºC
Humidity: 39%  (Falling)
Barometer: 1007.29mb (Falling)
Wind Speed: 20km/h
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust: 71km/h (21:32hrs)
Cloud Base: 2418m ASL
Freezing Level: 2768m
Daily Rainfall: 0mm
24 Hour Rain: 0mm

Last Update: 26/04/2019 22:04
Location: Mt Rolleston (Goldney Ridge) 1800m
Alt. Temp: 6.1ºC
Alt. Windspeed: 40.3kmph
Alt. Av. Windspeed: 25.1kmph
Alt. Max. Windspeed: 40.3kmph
Alt. Wind Chill: 0.7ºC
Last Snowfall: 4 days ago
7 Day Snowfall: 12.4cm
Snowpack Depth: 0.0cm
2 Day
3 Day
Carrington Hut26/04/2019 - 20:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Mid Poulter River26/04/2019 - 20:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Grasmere Stn26/04/2019 - 20:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Mt Cheeseman26/04/2019 - 20:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Upper Styx River26/04/2019 - 22:00hrs1.5mm8mm8mm

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