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Avalanche Risk (Local)
18/10/2018 09:57hrs
(Above 1800m)
Heightened avalanche conditions on specific terrain features.
(1200m - 1800m)
Heightened avalanche conditions on specific terrain features.
(Below 1200m)
Generally safe, watch for unstable snow on isolated terrain features.
Mountain Conditions
General Conditions (Updated 0824hrs Sat 20th October, 2018):
Variable conditions across Main Range; there is plenty of wind-slab (10cm - 100cm) present on mostly lee to northern half aspects (1700m - 1900m), some reactive, some well bonded to the underlying old snow. There is about 4x the depth of snow-pack present this year above 1600m when compared to the previous 2 years (no huge Spring storms as yet to move it off); because of this the snow is extremely isothermic and gravity is having affect. Cornices are also hanging in there on many high level ridge systems.

Sub-ranges have been reported as carrying firm, cramponable snow and ice.

Rapid snow-melt is now upon us and tributary rivers are starting to react particularly in the PM (major rivers are still sinking into their beds); the river you cross in the AM may not be the same beast in the PM, take care!

NOTE: The MSC Avalanche Reporting for the Arthur's Pass area is currently being done "remotely" from the Craigieburn Range (there is no forecaster at Temple Basin this year). To assist in getting this report more accurate please enter your avalanche & snow-pack observations into their Public Reporting Page.

I have been completely rewriting the "Arthur's Pass Climbing Guide", this is a huge project; most of the beta in it comes from the 1990's when I was young, stupid, had little fear (and many less climbing injuries), and we had not been rattled severely by so many route damaging earthquakes; it definitely needs updating and correction. To assist with this I have placed the entire updated guide online HERE, feel free to comment on routes, or provide climbing topos, as I've run out of time to complete these at present.

Cheers - Graeme -
  • Mt Philistine - (1800m - 1900m, SE Aspect)(AVO) 15/10/2018
    Mt Philistine - (1800m - 1900m, SE Aspect)
  • Mt Rolleston (1700 - 1800m E Aspect) Goldney Glacier(AVO) 15/10/2018
    Mt Rolleston (1700 - 1800m E Aspect) Goldney Glacier
  • Avalanche Peak (1833m)(New) 14/10/2018
    Avalanche Peak (1833m)
  • Mt Bowers (1891m)(New) 14/10/2018
    Mt Bowers (1891m)
  • Mt Edgar Evans (2019m)(New) 14/10/2018
    Mt Edgar Evans (2019m)
  • Mt Franklin (2145m)(New) 14/10/2018
    Mt Franklin (2145m)
  • Mt Oates (2041m)(New) 14/10/2018
    Mt Oates (2041m)
  • Mt Philistine (1967m)(New) 14/10/2018
    Mt Philistine (1967m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Goldney Ridge(New) 14/10/2018
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Goldney Ridge
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge(New) 14/10/2018
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge
  • Mt Wilson (2035m)(New) 14/10/2018
    Mt Wilson (2035m)
  • Bealey / Hut Spur (1545m)09/10/2018
    Bealey / Hut Spur (1545m)
  • Mt Bruce (1630m) - North aspect09/10/2018
    Mt Bruce (1630m) - North aspect
  • Lyell Peak (1828m)07/10/2018
    Lyell Peak (1828m)
  • Mt Bealey (1836m) - Northeast aspect07/10/2018
    Mt Bealey (1836m) - Northeast aspect
  • Mt Scott (2009m)06/10/2018
    Mt Scott (2009m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) -  Crow Face28/09/2018
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Crow Face
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - East Crow Glacier28/09/2018
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - East Crow Glacier
  • Mt Stewart (1934m)28/09/2018
    Mt Stewart (1934m)
  • Mt Harper (2222m)26/09/2018
    Mt Harper (2222m)
  • Mt Speight (2116m) - Speight Buttress26/09/2018
    Mt Speight (2116m) - Speight Buttress
  • Mt Campbell (1829m)25/09/2018
    Mt Campbell (1829m)
  • Mt Guinevere (2042m)25/09/2018
    Mt Guinevere (2042m)
  • Mt Lancelot (2112m)25/09/2018
    Mt Lancelot (2112m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Crow icefall25/09/2018
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Crow icefall
  • Blimit (1921m)23/09/2018
    Blimit (1921m)
  • Mt Aicken (1858m)22/09/2018
    Mt Aicken (1858m)
  • Mt Cassidy (1850m)21/09/2018
    Mt Cassidy (1850m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Bealey Face20/09/2018
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Bealey Face
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Chockstone Route20/09/2018
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Chockstone Route
  • Mt Temple (1913m)20/09/2018
    Mt Temple (1913m)
  • Phipps Peak (1965m) - West Ridge20/09/2018
    Phipps Peak (1965m) - West Ridge
  • Mt Alexander (1958m)11/09/2018
    Mt Alexander (1958m)
  • Mt Armstrong (2110m)11/09/2018
    Mt Armstrong (2110m)
  • Mt Barron (1730m)11/09/2018
    Mt Barron (1730m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - High Peak Access11/09/2018
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - High Peak Access
  • Mt Temple (east approach)11/09/2018
    Mt Temple (east approach)
  • Philistine Traverse11/09/2018
    Philistine Traverse
  • Hills Peak (1640m)09/09/2018
    Hills Peak (1640m)
  • Kellys Range - Kelly Hill (1408m)09/09/2018
    Kellys Range - Kelly Hill (1408m)
  • Mt Stuart (1906m)09/09/2018
    Mt Stuart (1906m)
  • Mt Philistine - Philistine Bluffs (1967m)04/09/2018
    Mt Philistine - Philistine Bluffs (1967m)
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Weather Information
20 Oct

4 / 17ºC
21 Oct

4 / 18ºC
22 Oct

4 / 20ºC
23 Oct

6 / 18ºC
24 Oct

7 / 14ºC
25 Oct

2 / 9ºC
26 Oct

1 / 9ºC
27 Oct

2 / 11ºC
28 Oct

3 / 12ºC
29 Oct

4 / 13ºC
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Update:20/10/18 20:00hrs
Update: 20/10/18 18:51hrs NZST
Sunrise: 5:35hrs
Sunset: 19:05hrs
Temperature: 10.6ºC  (Falling)
Temperature (Low): 7.6ºC
Temperature (High): 16.7ºC
Wind Chill: 10.5ºC
Humidity: 60%  (Rising)
Barometer: 1020.09mb (Rising)
Wind Speed: 6km/h
Wind Direction: NW
Wind Gust: 66km/h (1:07hrs)
Cloud Base: 1655m ASL
Freezing Level: 2661m
Daily Rainfall: 0mm
24 Hour Rain: 0mm

Last Update: 20/10/2018 18:04
Location: Mt Rolleston (Goldney Ridge) 1800m
Alt. Temp: 6.0ºC
Alt. Windspeed: 26.2kmph
Alt. Av. Windspeed: 24.0kmph
Alt. Max. Windspeed: 44.3kmph
Alt. Wind Chill: 1.7ºC
Last Snowfall: 7 days ago
7 Day Snowfall: 0.0cm
Snowpack Depth: 125.7cm
Surface Stability (@ 35º): Poor
Avalanche Chance: 4%
2 Day
3 Day
Carrington Hut20/10/2018 - 14:05hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Mid Poulter River20/10/2018 - 18:30hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Grasmere Stn20/10/2018 - 18:05hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Mt Cheeseman20/10/2018 - 18:05hrs0.0mm0mm0mm

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