Arthur's Pass Visitor Centre Moved
The Visitor Centre in Arthur's Pass Village has been temporarily moved into a new premises until further notice, due to building defects found in the old building. A temporary visitor facility has been set up 200 metres away in the main part of the Village near the Alpine Lodge & Motel (limited parking available). It is open 8.30am to 4.30pm daily. All information resources for the Park are available.

Thieves breaking into vehicles
Thieves have been breaking into cars and motor-homes at various car-parks and some camp-sites along SH.73 on a regular basis (day & night). They have been stealing passports, credit cards, money, electronic devices and recreation equipment. Take your absolute valuables with you on the walks, and don't leave other valuable items in plain sight in your vehicle. Report any suspicious activity to Police '111', and note down registration plates of vehicles!

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Mountain Conditions
General Conditions (Updated 0756hrs Sunday 25th August, 2019):

Poor weather developing until Tuesday. Snowfall to about 1200m expected.

Previous Update (24/08/2019): Fine weather today deteriorating to rainfall/snow/gales after dark. Some loose wet snow avalanche releases noted on western escarpment mountains yesterday afternoon in 1600m - 1800m band. A persistent wind-slab formation is present on west/south/north aspects and is now buried by subsequent snowfalls - it likely remains reactive to ski/climber loading. Quite a lot of radiation snow-balling today on solar aspects.

Previous Update (21/08/2019): More rainfall fell to higher altitudes than snowfall in storm-cycle just gone, but snow did eventually come being lain on a rain-crust. New storm-cycle is brewing now after a fine day. Expecting gale-force NW'ers, showers with snow lowering to 1100m.

Previous Update (20/08/2019): Storm cycle current with very strong winds (NW 120-160 kmph at altitude), heavy rain at low levels, but heavy snow 1600m+ presently, lowering to 700m tonight.

Previous Update (18/08/2019): Fine weather. More snowfall over yesterday with greatest amounts south & east. Conditions are are most likely poor/dangerous as solar radiation hits already softened slopes today. A slab layer is now buried under the fresh and could be reactive to climber/skier weight. Temple Basin reports reactive surface slab 20-40cm deep on westerly aspects @ 1650m (see conditions image). Point releases (Class 1-1.5) noted on north aspects of Mt Bealey (1750m - 1800m).

A further large snowstorm cycle is due on Tuesday to Thursday this week.

Previous Update (15/08/2019): Poor climbing conditions with knee to thigh deep wet snow on all approaches (ridges same). Some very large slab events have occurred in Park (700m wide x 30-40cm crowns around Mt Temple, Harper & Davie, 150m wide x 40cm crowns on Rolleston). Hard surface slab sitting on a weak layer 20-30cm down exists on many aspects 1600m-1900m, due to a rapid temperature change during the last storm event. Avoid convex rolls and areas near unsupported edges.

Fine weather today deteriorating into evening showers. Northwest gales bring in heavy rain and snowfall tomorrow to 1300m. Heavy snowfall to 500m develops on Saturday, driven by gale north-westerlies, lowering further on Sunday before slowly clearing.

Previous Update (13/08/2019): Isolated heavy showers about and west of the Divide this morning have been initiating wet snow avalanches (Class 1 - 3) out of steep terrain (1600m - 1800m), with some run-outs to valley floor (900m). There appears to be a Class 2 in the upper Otira Valley, just before the 'rock garden' from off the Philistine Bluffs,reaching the river.

Previous Update (12/08/2019): First sunshine to hit the new snow on the tops today; roller-balling has commenced on solar aspects 1600m+ at 1100hrs. Have noted further slab avalanche activity from yesterday at head of Goldney Glacier (Class 3.5 - 4), and various other eastern faces, Temple Basin reported similar activity. Have updated 26 condition images.
  • Blimit - Bills Basin (west aspect, 1650m)(AVO) 18/08/2019
    Blimit - Bills Basin (west aspect, 1650m)
  • Blimit (1921m)(New) 24/08/2019
    Blimit (1921m)
  • Mt Franklin (2145m)(New) 24/08/2019
    Mt Franklin (2145m)
  • Mt Oates (2041m)(New) 24/08/2019
    Mt Oates (2041m)
  • Mt Philistine (1967m)(New) 24/08/2019
    Mt Philistine (1967m)
  • Mt Temple (south approach)(New) 24/08/2019
    Mt Temple (south approach)
  • Phipps Peak (1965m) - Temple Traverse(New) 24/08/2019
    Phipps Peak (1965m) - Temple Traverse
  • Bold Hill (1286m)(New) 21/08/2019
    Bold Hill (1286m)
  • Mt Binser (1860m)(New) 21/08/2019
    Mt Binser (1860m)
  • Mt Davie (2280m)(New) 21/08/2019
    Mt Davie (2280m)
  • Mt Harper (2222m) - East Aspect(New) 21/08/2019
    Mt Harper (2222m) - East Aspect
  • Mt St Bernard (1518m)(New) 21/08/2019
    Mt St Bernard (1518m)
  • The Dome (1938m)(New) 21/08/2019
    The Dome (1938m)
  • Avalanche Peak (1833m)12/08/2019
    Avalanche Peak (1833m)
  • Black Range (1800m)12/08/2019
    Black Range (1800m)
  • Hills Peak (1640m)12/08/2019
    Hills Peak (1640m)
  • Kellys Range - Kelly Hill (1408m)12/08/2019
    Kellys Range - Kelly Hill (1408m)
  • Lyell Peak (1828m)12/08/2019
    Lyell Peak (1828m)
  • Mt Aicken (1858m)12/08/2019
    Mt Aicken (1858m)
  • Mt Barron (1730m)12/08/2019
    Mt Barron (1730m)
  • Mt Bealey (1836m) - North aspect12/08/2019
    Mt Bealey (1836m) - North aspect
  • Mt Bruce (1630m) - North aspect12/08/2019
    Mt Bruce (1630m) - North aspect
  • Mt Cassidy (1850m)12/08/2019
    Mt Cassidy (1850m)
  • Mt Horrible (1234m)12/08/2019
    Mt Horrible (1234m)
  • Mt O'Malley (1703m) - South aspect12/08/2019
    Mt O'Malley (1703m) - South aspect
  • Mt Philistine - Philistine Bluffs (1967m)12/08/2019
    Mt Philistine - Philistine Bluffs (1967m)
  • Mt Philistine - Warnocks Bluff (1967m)12/08/2019
    Mt Philistine - Warnocks Bluff (1967m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Bealey Face12/08/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Bealey Face
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge12/08/2019
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Rome Ridge
  • Mt Stewart (1934m)12/08/2019
    Mt Stewart (1934m)
  • Mt Temple (1913m) - West Face12/08/2019
    Mt Temple (1913m) - West Face
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Weather Information
26 Aug

27 Aug

0 / 6ºC
28 Aug

1 / 6ºC
29 Aug

-3 / 6ºC
30 Aug

-2 / 6ºC
31 Aug

-1 / 8ºC
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Update:26/08/19 21:30hrs
Update: 26/8/19 21:17hrs NZST
Sunrise: 7:12hrs
Sunset: 18:04hrs
Temperature: 2.7ºC  (Falling)
Temperature (Low): 2.7ºC
Temperature (High): 8.2ºC
Wind Chill: -3.0ºC
Humidity: 69%  (Falling)
Barometer: 1005.53mb (Rising)
Wind Speed: 6km/h
Wind Direction: WSW
Wind Gust: 77km/h (0:11hrs)
Cloud Base: 1368m ASL
Freezing Level: 1445m
Daily Rainfall: 16.76mm
Hourly Rain: 0mm/hr
24 Hour Rain: 17.02mm

Last Update: 26/08/2019 21:04
Location: Mt Rolleston (Goldney Ridge) 1800m
Alt. Temp: -3.7ºC
Alt. Windspeed: 8.1kmph
Alt. Av. Windspeed: 13.9kmph
Alt. Max. Windspeed: 36.3kmph
Alt. Wind Chill: -7.1ºC
Alt. Air Pressure: 800hPa
Alt. 3 Day Rainfall: 6.9mm (Today: 2.4mm)
Daily Snowfall: 8.9cm
Snowfall Max. Intensity: 2.5cm/hr (10:04hrs)
Last Snowfall: 1 days ago
7 Day Snowfall: 38.1cm
Snowpack Depth: 243.0cm
Windslab N: 39.1cm
Windslab S: 20.2cm
Windslab E: 22.2cm
Surface Stability (@ 35º): Very Poor (Warning: Slab present!)
Avalanche Chance: 100%
2 Day
3 Day
Carrington Hut26/08/2019 - 19:00hrs22.5mm36mm36mm
Mid Poulter River26/08/2019 - 18:00hrs19.5mm22.5mm22.5mm
Grasmere Stn26/08/2019 - 19:00hrs3.0mm3mm3mm
Mt Cheeseman26/08/2019 - 19:00hrs3.0mm3mm3mm

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