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White River

Access to this area is from above Carrington Hut in the upper Waimakariri River catchment. Possible avalanche activity is first encountered between the Taipoiti Stream and the Kilmarnock Falls area, though be aware the Taipoiti Stream canyon route to Harman Pass is prone to airbourne releases from Mt Isobel. Extreme avalanche behaviour is possible from May to November each year. A avalanche path also exists opposite Carrington Hut though it thus-far has failed to penetrate to the White River.

  • From treeline up-valley, ALL the slopes under the Isobel-Davie escarpment are prone to airbourne avalanche activity. Also note that there has been incidents where the entire snowslope under the bluffs has been "creeping" towards the White River.
  • The chasm (old swing bridge location) on the White River is in an avalanche path from the buttress faces on Mt Wakeman. Avalanches from this face tend to split with the other arm heading towards the slopes south of Barker Hut, after jumping 60 metres over the moraine spur.
  • The entire area of the Marmaduke Dixon Glacier is prone to point release and sluff activity from its enclosing faces.
  • The west faces of Mt Harper release substantial amounts of snow into the head of the White River, with paths in some years reaching the Cahill Glacier stream confluence.
Lower White River
White River
Upper White River
White River

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