Avalanche Atlas

Temple Basin

Access to this area is via the Temple Basin walking track & ski field from Highway 73. Possible avalanche activity is first encountered from the steep guts rising out of Twin Creek towards the northern flanks of Mt Cassidy. Extreme avalanche behaviour is possible from May to November each year.

  • Downhill Basin (above Page Shelter) is prone to self initiated and face deload initiated wet sluffs (Class 3-4) from Mt Temple. Temple Basin ski field does avalanche control work around this area.
  • The basin under Phipps Peak south face and below Temple Buttress is ALL within avalanche paths from the surrounding faces.
  • The central gully leading through the Temple Buttress onto Mt Temple is an avalanche path. Snow anchoring is normally very poor in this gully.
  • Bills Basin is outside Temple Basin ski fields control area. Wet sluffs are prone to run from the Blimit ridgelines across the basin and over the bluffs above the ski field lodges.
Temple Basin

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