Avalanche Atlas

Bealey Valley

Access to this valley is via the Bealey Valley walking track from Highway 73. Possible avalanche activity is first encountered from the steep guts (Goldney Ridge) in the forested area adjacent the river. Extreme avalanche behaviour is possible from May to November each year.

  • Powder (wind) blast has demolished trees for up to 700 metres in the base of the valley. This includes the final 200 metres of the marked walking track before it leaves the forest.
  • Both wet & dry avalanches advance along the valley floor for great distance and depth. Note the trim-lines on the forested edges, there is potential for the valley floor to be "filled" to this level.
  • Airbourne avalanches could be encountered from the bluffs on Goldney Ridge via the "fault scarp" approach to the Bealey Slide.
Bealey Valley

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